“Got kitesurfing on the mind, mixed with some search & classification tech, and a dab of political ranting”

When politicians have too much time and too little knowledge on their hands, things get weird

Posted by direwolff on May 13, 2006

From the department of misguided laws and regulations that never needed to get the time of day, we bring you Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick (R-Pa) latest attempt to bring his vision of the perfect world to the rest of our country (does any one know why it’s always the Pennsylvania representatives that seem to behave with such disdain for tolerance of any sort?).

Follow the action here to see why he’s seeking a bill to block access to MySpace…and this guy calls himself an American, blasted! And of course, my favorite line if not for its idiocy and hypocricy comes in the form of:

“The social networking sites have become, in a sense, a happy hunting ground for child predators,” said Fitzpatrick, a father of six children, including three teen girls. His legislation, called the Deleting Online Predators Act, “is essentially a bill to protect children from the Internet.”

(Someone had better tell him that it wasn’t so long ago that the Congressional Pages program used to be the happy hunting ground for child predators.)

And how does Rep. Fitzpatrick propose to achieve his goal of protecting the children, you ask? By prohibiting “anyone under 18 from accessing [“social networking” websites] on school or library computers”. Will the people of Pennsylvania (a state that I have much affinity with and a great respect for its people) *PLEASE* stop voting for idiots!!! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!! :-)


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