“Got kitesurfing on the mind, mixed with some search & classification tech, and a dab of political ranting”

Posted by direwolff on May 18, 2006

A friend of mine sent me this link recommending the video on the landing page, and so after seeing it I’m recommending this to those of you who happen to catch this blog post, so you can also experience it.

Check out:

Some times it’s the simple ideas that are worth the most, and while this isn’t solving the big picture, it may be a good achievable first step towards beginning to reverese the natural course of things.


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  1. Jane Herschlag said

    Dear Environmentally Concerned:

    I have sought answers from many green places without luck. Are ceramic beads/insulated paint really as effective as claimed. If so, America could save 25% on it’s home heating bills and Congress should immediately enact a tax incentive program for businesses and home owners to paint roofs and exterior walls and ceilings with products such as Hytech insulated paint. BUT DOES IT REALLY WORK?

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