“Got kitesurfing on the mind, mixed with some search & classification tech, and a dab of political ranting”

Before you know it, freedom & privacy will just be words

Posted by direwolff on June 11, 2006

Well, looks like the NSA is at it again. First they did it illegally, constitutionally at least, but with those in power supporting them I guess it made it a "non-criminal crime". This time they're showing us the way to the evils of technology where we've all enjoyed the honeymoon period of the joys and bounty of technology. Nothing like playing with computers, gathering some data by any means available, even if some are illegal, to then begin making assertions about people without context. Gotta love it.

Now it looks like they are going to start mining social networks and other open info on the blogosphere for various "security" (is that code word for something?) purposes. Makes sense, after all they are the National Security Agency, aren't they. Of course, in hopes of finding terrorist or child molesters or some other boogey man, it will be interesting to see how they justify spying and data collecting on every one in this country just in case some one gets out of line. Read more about it here.

This sort of news should help chill free speech online, in no time then our government could do away with dissenters, as our current administration and the CIA's new chief, General Michael Hayden would like. Perhaps I'm streching things a bit, but that's what I hear when Hayden says that the NSA shouldn't have to report all of its activities to Congress ("heck, why not, they've all been partisans to the destruction of our country's constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in the name of [enter boogey man choice du jour (ie. communists, environmental terrorists, plain ol' terrorists, child pornographers, evil doers (still trying to figure that one out), etc.)], they're cool with the agenda so why shouldn't they be kept in the loop").

It's kind of strange living in our country these days, like having all of the negative baggage that was once attached to communism (government spying on its citizens, citizens not trusting government, elections of questionnable value, the margin between the scary rich and the scary poor getting really scary) without any of the benefits (socialized healthcare, education, and social services). Kind of like a Twilight Zone episode. Weird.

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