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Back in saddle for Rio Dazzzze!!!

Posted by direwolff on June 26, 2006

"Rio Daze" is the adjective that kitesurfers and windsurfers have adopted for when we get perfect thermal wind conditions at Sherman Island (aka. Rio Vista). It's a play on Rio Days, where one goes into a daze from the perfection of the conditions.

After my chiropractor initially diagnosed my recovery at 2-3 months, over the past few weeks he saw that my progress was actually better than expected. Last weekend he gave me the go-ahead on trying to get some blood flow through my muscles and OK'd me going road biking. Managed to get out both Sat & Sun for 20 mile ride which Lil' Pinot and I do in about an hour (she'd go faster if I could only keep up with her climbing hills…drats!). While my shoulder and back muscles felt a bit tense after Saturday's ride, Sunday was smooth and pain free.

Well, on Fri, the doc advised that I go give kitesurfing a try as he felt I was ready. This was pure music to my ears. Mentally, having already prepared myself to sit out 2-3 months, I had actually almost stopped thinking of the joy that went with riding. With his encouragement, I planned for the weekend.

Got out to Sherman Island on Saturday and was a bit nervous not having ridden in a month and focused on taking it easy which didn't make for a relaxing start. The winds were far from perfect with lots of gusts coming through. This wasn't insipiring. After lollygagging for an hour, I finally decided to rig up and go for a ride. Decided I would keep the jumps to a minimum. After about 30 mins of feeling OK, it was time to start getting some air. Plain stuff at first. All seemed well. Finally decided to try a spin and with that cae my first miss, falling right into the drink, but it also felt like I tweaked something on my lower shoulder blade. "Oh no", I thought, "not again". It seemed to start getting more tense so after another 15 mins I decided it was best to chill for an hour or so and see where things went.

At around 2:00p I made the decision to go for the 2nd session. It was touch and go whether I'd do it. But fortunately, right from the beginning, everything about this session felt right and within 10 mins I started launching my normal tricks. No pain. That was encouraging. Managed to ride for about an hour before calling it a day so as not to over do it on my first day back.

Then came Sunday, with high expectations, winds really steady I got there in time for the midday ebb and didn't look back. The conditions were perfect, my body felt like it was right back to where I had left off a month ago. Got some huge air and managed a 2 hour session. Only stopped out of a desire to remain cautious. Went out for another 30 mins to try out a new kite from a buddy, and called it a day after having landed most of regular tricks but at greater heights than usual due to the immaculate conditions. Yes, Rio Daze was back and so was I having a good time with the crew.


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