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I Can See Clearly Now

Posted by direwolff on July 8, 2006

Yep, after 42 years of proud bachelorhood, today is the day where that all changes and the pride I seek is in my beloved Lil’ Pinot. A few days ago some of my college buddies gathered to celebrate what was billed in the e-mail as:

Whereas; yesterday our great nation celebrated our 230 years of declaring our independence,

Now, let it be known that TOMORROW NIGHT THURSDAY July 6TH we will celebrate the end of Independence of the one, the only, … DireWolff,

He had a good run, and there are many legendary bachelor tales to recount,

So, please join us tomorrow eve. for any (and hopefully all) of the planned reverie in the bonds of brotherhood (“brotherhood” here relates to our fraternity bond)

What was interesting about this invite was that it once reflected the feelings I had about marriage. Where I once saw getting married as the giving up of my independence (perhaps even what kept me so uninterested for so long), I have grown to appreciate it as the embracing of my co-dependence. In this world where co-dependence is growing in importance, where learning to live harmoniously with others is critical to the sustenance of our environment and communities, I find great joy in having met the person with whom to take on this adventure. As I’ve told so many friends, in finding Lil’ Pinot, committing myself to her has been the easiest life changing decision that I have ever made. All life changing decisions should be so easy, and it’s only been in the past year that I have begun to understand that they can be if one allows them to be.

The most humbling part of all of this however, is that Lil’ Pinot would have me as her partner for the rest of her life. She has so much going for her that it’s a deep honor for me to have been chosen to join her on that journey, and to be able to be there to support her through “thick and thin”. No doubt, I may at times be the cause for “thick”, but hopefully I can also help smoothen the bumps and make some “thin”.

It is with this that I say goodbye to the “me” and “I”, and welcome the “we” and “us” into our lives. This is the dawning of the age of Lil’ Pinot & the DireWolff :-)


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