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OpenDNS, the value is in the stream

Posted by direwolff on July 19, 2006

The comments on the new OpenDNS service on both the Photo Matt and TechCrunch blogs are interesting in so far as raising some of the basic pros and cons of this service. But as I think about the value for OpenDNS providing this free service, I ask myself, “how valuable is it to know users clickstreams?”.

If we consider companies like ComScore and Nielsen who have made their living from providing statistically significant information about the traffic to web sites, then I’d have to guess the answer to my question is “a lot”. While I don’t know the details on OpenDNS’ ability to identify users of its service, to the extent that they can even do this at a minimal level (ie. just know users by their clickstream not by any personally identifiable info), then they begin to enter the realm of behaviorial ad targeting companies too. Hmmm… sounds like they could be at the intersection of some pretty significant business models with what seems to be a lil’ harmless phishing blocker and spelling correcter.

Would love to read the business plan that justified the likely infrastructure that they have had to build to provide their service as this could be very telling of their plans.


2 Responses to “OpenDNS, the value is in the stream”

  1. OpenDNS opens for business (and Steve Jobs’ blog?

    Namaste. This is IT Blogwatch, in which a very boring — yet utterly vital — part of the Internet infrastructure gets a kick in the pants. Not to mention The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, Aged 51 1/2…

  2. Good comments. You’re definitely looking down the horizon instead of what is right in front of you like most folks. I don’t think it’s really about targetted advertising, per se, but I think you’re looking in the right direction. Would be happy to chat about some of the ideas we have and bounce them around if you’re interested in hearing what we’re doing.


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