“Got kitesurfing on the mind, mixed with some search & classification tech, and a dab of political ranting”

“I agree with Howard Johnson!”…ah, I mean Brad Burnham

Posted by direwolff on August 8, 2006

It has been great to see both Brad Burnham and Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures put themselves out there with their business, product and investment philosophies for all to see (Fred also uses an external blog for some of this). They provide a good deal of transparency into how they think and this makes the rest of us richer for the reading. On August 6th, Brad had a blog post discussing the firm’s investment focus. As I read it, it brought a smile to my face perhaps mostly because it seemed to line up with my thoughts on the matter of where value really lies today, in applied technology, not just in the technologies themselves. My recent post titled “It’s all about Search” is really speaking directly to this point, though specifically in the search domain. Anyway, I’ve kept up with their investments and their writings and watched them succeed, so it’s always a pleasure to find myself nodding in agreement to the beat of their drum.

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