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Blogosphere better than Mainstream Media News

Posted by direwolff on August 12, 2006

In yet another example of why the blogosphere is better than the news departments of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and FOX, here‘s some excellent investigative reporting by a blogger that actually didn’t take very long to get to the root of the matter.

Jonathan Tren, a marketing professional who also blogs on the side, did some basic investigation into the background of the spoof found on YouTube about Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”. Jonathan’s piece has links to the video and Wall Street Journal discovery of its real source of the video, but he took it further and investigated the cast of characters involved with the public relations agency behind this spoof (DCI) and one of their major clients, Exxon-Mobil. What Jonathan unveils in his piece brings true transparency to the nature of corrupt behavior. It’s the sort of reporting that we should be holding our news agencies to, but they keep dropping the ball at every turn. Maybe it’s not lucrative enough for them to do the investigative work that obviously took Jonathan less than a day to come up with. What a shame.

Here’s a link to ABC’s coverage on YouTube. It’s worth seeing this as a means of comparing how ABC ran with the information unearthed by the Wall St. Journal into a very simplistic puff piece of how PR firms deceive people, versus Jonathan’s approach which was to dig further and find that where there’s been one lie, there probably are a lot more.

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