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Pizza Antica, nice pizza, abusive drink prices

Posted by direwolff on August 17, 2006

Pizza Antica is a new restaurant that recently opened in the Strawberry Village mall right between Tiburon & Mill Valley, CA. It’s a nice open and well lit space w/a wine bar playing itself up as a high end pizza establishment (in other words, not your typical “by the slice” pizza place, think rustic).

While the average small pizza is in the $8.95 to $9.50 price range, no small cost for a one person meal, that isn’t too upsetting given their play on quality. But where I can accept such pricing for their pizzas (it was yummy), it’s their drinks prices that felt insulting. While they were certainly premium priced there was nothing overly surprising about that, but what added insult to injury was that their Sanpellegrino Aranciata and Limonata were the 6.5 fl. oz. bottles and priced at $2.75!!! That’s right, not only would such a price be outrageous pricing for the 12 oz can, but for the 6.5 oz bottle it’s a freakin’ crime. All I know, is that where I was willing pay up for ‘za, I felt like I was bent over on the drink. A damn shame I tell ya. I’m all for a restaurant making a buck, but this method just goes a little too far and puts this restaurant in the category of restaurants I won’t be visiting any time soon. If you decide to visit this restaurant, definitely blow off the soft drinks and go for the wine.


3 Responses to “Pizza Antica, nice pizza, abusive drink prices”

  1. There is one in Santana Row in SJ as well. Their pizza is very good–its a very thin “authentic” italian style. And why are you drinking water anyway? ;)

  2. p-air said

    It’s not the water, it’s the orange soda…having said that, I agree, stick w/the wine.

  3. 96JGCL said

    Their wine is just as over priced, its marked up at least 300%, and i know this cause i work 4 PA.

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