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Read my lips…”damn, it’s taken!”

Posted by direwolff on August 20, 2006

After having read yet another politician’s comments that I could tell was the opposite of something that they had previously espoused, I decided that it might be time to create a site, that similarly to how Jon Stewart occasionally shows what a politician said in a press conference and contrasts this with some previously recorded statements, the Web site could show the reference and counter-reference from local and national newspapers right there. I’d regard this as just another tool to address the rampant hypocrisy of our elected officials.

So as I began stewing on this idea I thought “read my lips” or would make for a great service name and URL. “Yeah, that’s the ticket, I’m a genius for thinking of that URL”. And just like that, I was stopped in my tracks. After typing in that URL to see if it was taken, an organization called Ladies Initiating Prosperity & Success (aka. LIPS) has written a book titled, you guessed it, “Read My Lips” and they own that URL. Dang! Well the story could have stopped there, but I decided to look over this site and a few things immediately struck me. The most provocative thing about this site is that the organization describes itself as empowering “everyday women to transform their lives from the feeling of living everyday, ordinary and even repetitious existances, to fun, exciting, fulfilled, extraordinary and prosperous lives!”, but if you look at the cover picture below you should notice one thing…

…I guess the women they’re taking about should be white and blonde. What’s wrong with these people and how could they be so shortsighted about their demographic, WOMEN! Perhaps the other perspective here is that LIPS figures all women want to be white and blonde so that should be the representative group they show on their HOME PAGE!!! Who knows’em?!

The book’s cover is only marginally better since they at least concede that women have other hair colors though they are still all white…


Not a hispanic, Asian or African American woman in the bunch. Well so much for political correctness. At this point I started getting a kick out of their rhetoric since at every pause I felt the need to add “so long as you’re white and most frequently blonde”. Here’s a sample of that rhetoric with my emphasis added:

“Written by 8 businesswomen from Australia , New Zealand and America , this book is a practical and essential guide for [white, mostly blonde] women of all ages who have always dreamed BIG and felt they had more to offer and achieve, but have never known how to go about it.”


“‘Read My Lips’ provides strategies and practical solutions covering life’s bases on how to achieve life, health, wealth and career goals and success [for all of you women who are white and blonde or wishing you could be].”

…and my favorite…

“There is no fluff and puff in this book – it’s full of REAL tips used by each author to reap positive, successful and profitable results from. It’s a book that inspires women (and men) [who are white and most frequently blonde] to ignite their own dreams and fulfil their life’s passions, [but you’ll just need a little hair coloring and some damn good make-up if you’re not already white and blonde].

Now, I don’t want to come out and call these people outright racists, afterall it was written by 8 businesswomen from Australia, New Zealand and America, and who knows what their backgrounds are (though I suspect most likely they’re white too) but let’s just say that short of racists we could call them pretty darn insensitive considering that at least in America, the majority of women are more likely non-white and non-blonde. So I guess all I can say at this point is “all you white and blonde women or those of you that are not but wish you were, here’s the perfect book for you”.  Given that they’re based in Australia, perhaps in marketing there this sort of thing is considered acceptable and not even noticed.  It should be interesting to see if they start to realize that marketing on the Internet is more than marketing to local constituencies.

Yes, I’m bitter about them taking my great URL, but at least there was entertainment value (and a little sadness too) in seeing this absurdity.



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