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Williams-Sonoma and reverse market pricing

Posted by direwolff on August 22, 2006

After procrastinating for a month now, today I decided to finally go to Williams-Sonoma to exchange one of the wedding gifts Lil’ Pinot and I received, a 14″ non-stick skillet, for something that would fit in our cupboards, a 12″ non-stick skillet. Actually, it’s the Calphalon One Non Stick Fry Pan. Today is also the day I learned all about reverse market pricing. If you follow the link and see the pricing for this item, you should notice that the 12″ pan sells for $135 and the 14″ pan which has a suggested price of $160 is selling for $99.95. So what do you think this meant for me? Well, in returning the larger size for the smaller size, I was also priveleged to pay Williams-Sonoma an additional $37.77 (tax inc.). So let me get this straight, the more popular size, which is the 12″ according to one of the sales people, costs more than the bigger size? Looks like my lessons in abusive market economics continue, or more importantly they should probably stop making 14″ pans, but I gotta tell you, this one is sitting with me nearly as well as the $2.75 6.5 fl.oz Sanpelligrino Aranciata I got at Pizza Antica.  Does all this whining make me cheap?  Hmmm…


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