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The Revolution of the Ants will NOT be televised

Posted by direwolff on August 24, 2006

Be careful what you read out there, ’cause even reliable sources aren’t often very reliable. Remember those rumors about NBC buying Tribe (here, here and here), well it looks like things aren’t always what they seem (or what they get reported in the blogosphere). Mark Pincus (co-founder of and Chairman of Tribe) blogs on Tribe about the latest change in the company’s status in an unofficial post. Really makes you wonder who you can trust when all of these reports keep up the pretense of “reliable sources” as a mainstay for saying things that are far from happening. We need a way to bring on a demerits system when reported rumors are found to be false.

The timing for this news of course couldn’t be better since Tribe is experiencing a jump in traffic as preparations for the upcoming Burning Man event always brings that group back home to Tribe to discuss their plans, their rides to the event, their chosen fashions and their joy to be getting together soon. Hopefully Tribe will once again be able to be home to this very passionate and artistic group of people with lots of love in their hearts.

One thing is for sure, Mark and the remaining crew at Tribe will have their hands full making lots of changes and undoing lots of mistakes for the past year. Good luck to all of them.

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2 Responses to “The Revolution of the Ants will NOT be televised”

  1. yes – but is it real?

  2. direwolff said

    I have…ahem-ahem… reliable sources saying a most emphatic “YES” and “it’s about time”. Even without these, this is typical Pincus style of writing so I would have believed it any way. However, I could still be wrong, so time will tell.

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