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The Revolution of the Ants will be blogged

Posted by direwolff on August 25, 2006

OK, so I’m getting a kick out of seeing how the Valleywag is covering the Tribe story now, with absolutely no mention of their July 3rd rumor piece (so much for truth and journalism ;-)). No recanting or exposure of their so-called “tipster”. I guess Valleywag is really going for a more tabloid journalism approach, figuring that if they throw enough rumors up on a wall some are bound to be true. Also funny is Mike Arrington’s approach to this story on TechCrunch, with total reticense, wondering why Mark Pincus didn’t respond to him in an hour as promised. Me thinks Mike head is getting too big and forgot how he blew Tribe off on several occasions even after asking to be contacted, but hey that was then and this is now, and now he’s a big shot with cover stories of how rich he is in business publications.

Should be fun to keep up with this story as the speculation should run wild. It’s also interesting to see how little people actually have known about what was going on inside of Tribe. Even the first 9 comments (I’m the 10th, heh-heh-heh) below the TechCrunch piece really miss the boat, but it does provide some insight into a readership that thinks its well connected because they read that publication, really are out of the loop. Funny.

My first scoop though I have others to credit for this who shall remain nameless :-).

More links about this story on Tailrank

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