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Keith Olberman’s truly inspired speech

Posted by direwolff on September 12, 2006

Just got done watching Keith Olberman’s monologue from the end of his show yesterday (9/11/06) and it was as articulately delivered as something Bill Moyers might have said. It’s definitely worth reading the transcript or watching his 5 minute speech as he really succintly ties together what has been happening in our country over the past 5 years since 9/11.

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6 Responses to “Keith Olberman’s truly inspired speech”

  1. shalaine christie said

    Hear entire speech on Randi Rhodes show. Lueky me! How can we get a copy, audio or video? Thanks Keith, you’re a tru newsman and patriot!

  2. Susan Seyler said

    Thank you, Mr. Olberman. Please keep it up. You are an example for all your fellow journalists and our Congress as well.
    More, please. As you are so inspired. As a person of faith who believes we all are needed to lead and teach and speak plainly when we see injustice done, or taught or condoned, I am heartened to have you on the air.

    Warm Regards,
    Susan Seyler

  3. George Ramos said

    Heard speach of 10/13/06 Rhodes show, it was Murrow quality and content. forward it or sell a tape of it. thanks

  4. Dorothy Rog said

    Your commentary yesterday, Oct. 18, 2006, was thought provoking and intelligent. It is unfortunate that your words are not given a wider audience. You articulate the words I wish I could.

  5. Leo Mather said

    I dont know what the big deal is now about Olberman. He used to be balanced. Now he is no better than O’Rielly. Cant any of these so called journalists report the whole truth and not tidbits that are taken out of context and put there personal spin on it. He should relax about his ratings…..He’s no better than the rest

  6. James said

    Keith, I only wish that the rest of the world could see the truth that you speak.
    Our Government has been stolen by people that are dishonest and deceitful.
    I am so very sick of the lies and distortions that spew from these peoples mouths that at times I wonder how they are not arrested and tried in court.
    I only hope that one day justice will be done to Bush and his mob of criminals.
    They have stolen our elections and our wealth and our freedoms for their “New World Order.”
    These people are evil and dangerous and all Americans should demand that they be brought to justice, if there is any left to us.

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