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Kitesurfing Half Moon Bay

Posted by direwolff on September 19, 2006

What a weekend! Not only did I spent the day on Saturday being blown away by the brain power in the physics lectures I sat through, I managed to get out to Half Moon Bay (Northern Cali) to meet some friends on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon for some epic kitesurfing in waves. The winds clocked in at just about 18-20 mph and made for perfect power at the low end of my 12m North Vegas kite. The swells were coming at probably around 4 feet high on average with the occasional overhead break to keep things fun and interesting.

Half Moon Bay, traditionally a tough place to forecast the wind appropriately, not only delivered perfect winds, but it did so on a weekend when we had all the time in the world to show up on schedule. Below is a picture of me just after hitting the lip of a break on my way out…

…followed by a picture of the Lady Kitesurfers of the Bay Area representing in full force…

Megan, Sheila, Misha, Chelsie and Kathy were all there throwing it down with no fear. They could all be caught riding swells into the beach and throwing the occasional jump for good measure. They’re a rocking crew.

My good friend Charlie got pics of both Anthony and I riding nice swells which I hope he passes along soon so I can post those along side these shots. Nothing like balancing the intellectual side with the physical side of my life to make a weekend glorious. Needless to say, by Sunday afternoon, after having gone for an 18 mile road bike ride with Lil’ Pinot before hitting the second kiting session in just as many days, I was truly beat…up.

***** 10/2/06 UPDATE: Charlie got me a couple more pics surf riding…fun!


One Response to “Kitesurfing Half Moon Bay”

  1. Fred said

    A good session in Half Moon Bay in September…Wow…
    HMB usually rocks later in the season…
    Lucky you…

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