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Feel the love from the oil industry executives…

Posted by direwolff on September 21, 2006

…as they rip off the American people in innumerable ways, and with the complicity of our current Administration. Don’t believe me, read about it in this New York Times article. Fortunately, some auditors decided to fight the good fight. Even if they do get to share in the bounties, it’s better than letting the oil companies get away with it, and it’s worth seeing the Interior Department get exposed. In the long run, whatever amount the auditors may be dwarfed by the amounts we save in the future (if the oil companies realize they can’t get a way with this continued fraud) or by the amounts we make in the future (if the Interior Department realizes that they have to uphold the LAW) from these actions.

Here’s an interesting quote worth highlighting given that there are very likely a heck of a lot more skeletons in the closet that hid these:

Interior officials did not say how much money they had recovered from companies named by the auditors. But the agency’s own statistics indicate that revenue from auditing and enforcement plunged after President Bush took office.

Gee, I wonder how revenue from audits went down. Hmmm…

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