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Gotta love Christopher Walken

Posted by direwolff on September 23, 2006

Had dinner with a some good friends and some new friends tonight and my friend Kristin bet me $10 that the Saturday Night Live skit with a band being produced by Christopher Walken, who played the role of a music producer asking for more “cow bells” in a song, was doing a Blue Oyster Cult song. My recollection was that this was not a Blue Oyster Cult song, and while I can’t remember of the band they were covering, it definitely wasn’t Blue Oyster Cult. With that said, the bet was on! In arriving home I went to YouTube in hopes that somehow that SNL video would be up there but it doesn’t seem to be. But in searching for Christopher Walken I ran into the Fat Boy Slim video he was featured in for the song “Weapon of Choice” from the Half Way Between the Gutter and the Stars album. It’s one of my favorite videos, so I thought I’d post it here since it might be of interest to those who haven’t seen it, and for those who have, a fond remembrance. Gotta love those dance moves and the entire bizarre nature of the whole video.



UPDATE: You heard it here first, but I just lost the $10 bet because it was indeed a Blue Oyster Cult spoof. The proof is in the pudding and I managed to find the video here. It’s obvious that I didn’t catch this skit from the beginning given the direct reference to Blue Oyster Cult, and the fact that I was such a big fan of that band has me baffled why I wouldn’t remember all of this, but none of this changes the fact that, “Kristin, you were right and I was wrong”. I’ve been humbled…again :-)

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One Response to “Gotta love Christopher Walken”

  1. Kristin Hansen said

    Pierre, just to heap further humiliation on the pile, you lost this bet to a woman who routinely fails to identify Beatles and Rolling Stones songs when they come on the radio…

    Thanks for giving me ammo I can use for the rest of my life when Eric digs at me for my lack of musical savvy!

    — See you soon, KJ Hansen

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