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How badly does the Congressional majority despise what our country was founded on?

Posted by direwolff on September 28, 2006

This much…

House passes warrantless domestic spying measure

By Thomas Ferraro

Thursday, September 28, 2006; 11:14 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that would provide congressional authorization for President George W. Bush’s warrantless domestic spying program but subject it to new rules.

With a court battle waging over the program’s legality, the House, controlled by Bush’s fellow Republicans, approved the measure on a largely party-line vote of 232-191, and sent it to the Senate for needed concurrence.

If you really believe that this will be acted on for the reasons stated, lookout ’cause you ain’t seen nothing yet. Another sad day in America as we have an elected government that is just subjugating our freedoms (and security mind you) to the rule of a despot. Argue with my position here if you must, or try to understand why these rights that are being gutted, were provided to our people in the first place. Lots of valuable historical lessons are being forgotten in all of this.


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