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Posted by direwolff on October 7, 2006

Yesterday, after reading the New York Times arcticle titled “Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Spread on the Web“, I was going to blog about why I thought that despite not being a fan of war videos, if our politicians feel the need to get us into these wars, than as a populus, it’s our job to know what they have taken us into. Hopefully, it also helps to sensitize us to what a terrible ordeal this is, in hopes that we fight harder at home the next time to prevent wars. Surely in some cases it may be used for propaganda, but what the heck is Fox News in this country anyway? I’d rather get multiple sides of the propaganda in hopes that I can gleam the facts from a bigger picture than get the baby formula feedings that some of our media organizations have chosen to provide us here at home. Not to mention the censorship that our own government has placed on information and images (recall outlawing images of returning soldiers’ caskets so as not to demoralize the nation, “BUNK”). It’s not meant to be pretty any way you slice it, but this was all avoidable and those who don’t think these videos should be made accessible, should perhaps fight our government harder to avoid the future wars that inevitably produce these videos.

Instead of blogging about it right away I decided to spend some time reflecting on the issue, but in reading Fred Wilson’s blog post on the matter, I realized that he addressed the issue as I would have liked to so instead of rehashing it at greater length, here’s the link to his post. Thanks for saying what’s in a lot of people’s minds Fred.

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