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Open Source Entrepreneurship

Posted by direwolff on October 13, 2006

You know an entrepreneur is good when they can develop and maintain their business focus while offering full transparency into their process.  I find that some of the best entrepreneurs deeply understand the notion that the journey is what helps build the business.  It’s not about getting the answer right the first time.  In other words, one could be told why a business is a good one to get into, but regardless of how successful someone else has been in it, if you haven’t done the necessary learning, and the bumping into the wrong paths, and the thinking about your core strenghts and principles, that successful business may not be successful for you.  Hence, being secretive about your idea and the thinking process of building it out only shields you from having others contribute valuable insights that may actually be of greater benefit than what you feel you’re gaining in a time to market advantage.

Andy Sack, CEO/founder of Judys Book has been blogging a series of posts on what he has been going through and the thinking going on in his company.  Here’s a post on some good questions a reader posed and this one is on some good questions he and his management team discussed.  Another good blog for this sort of thing is offered by Joel Spolsky called “Joel on Software“.


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