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Sirius looking to make Howard Stern relevant

Posted by direwolff on October 16, 2006

Howard Stern on regular free FM radio was a personality that we all came into contact with by selection or by the fact that his show would get the attention of the news media or the FCC and have its message instantly amplified. Ever since he went to Sirius, I haven’t come into contact with Howard Stern at all. I really mean not at all. I don’t hear any news about him, I don’t accidentally or on purpose end up on his radio station, and that’s probably because I’m from an age where paying for radio seems silly. Given that it’s not commercial free even when you pay for it, in ways similar to the cable TV model, I just don’t see why I’d pay for it.

Well in today’s Online Media Daily publication (subscription required, but free) there’s a brief titled “Howard Stern To Stream Free Shows“. At first I thought it was Howard Stern, the self annointed “King of All Media” showing us that he’s back and knows how to get back in front of the curve. But sadly, it is merely Sirius trying to become relevant by providing two days of free programming to attract new subscribers. I wish them luck, but Howard’s fame in this model while quite lucrative I’m sure given the gazzillions Sirius paid him, will never reach the midshare he once captured.

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