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Keith Olberman, a true American patriot

Posted by direwolff on October 21, 2006

This whole Bush suspending Habeas Corpus and rendering the Geneva Conventions a mere footnote, has been really bothering me because in addition to the President taking this action, he needed the collusion of Congress and got it. It really does seem like the terrorists goals of changing life in this country for the worse has succeeded in spades. For as much angst as this has caused me, it was Keith Olberman’s recent words that really nailed it. Here’s one quote that was particularly interesting in its clairevoyance:

“And if you somehow think Habeas Corpus has not been suspended for American citizens but only for everybody else, ask yourself this: If you are pulled off the street tomorrow, and they call you an alien or an undocumented immigrant or an “unlawful enemy combatant” — exactly how are you going to convince them to give you a court hearing to prove you are not? Do you think this Attorney General is going to help you?”

It’s worth checking out the full transcript or watch the full video of Keith’s Special Comment segment of one of his recent shows. I don’t care if you’re a Blue State or Red State person, if you really believe that this country is on the right path with laws like this getting passed you probably didn’t want to live here to begin with. But don’t worry, so long as you don’t dissent you don’t have to worry about getting picked up for no reason ;-) However, know that if you don’t see a new post here for more than a week, it’s probably a strong likelihood that I fell into the low hanging fruit category (or is that the “easy to make an example out of” category) and am enjoying the tropical weather of Cuba by the bay…that’s Guantanamo Bay.


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