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“God & Bush are on *my* side”

Posted by direwolff on October 23, 2006

Well at least this time they can’t say that it’s the liberal media at it again. While this may have been the Christian right’s view of the world, it certainly appears in a new “tell-all” book just released, that at least the “Bush is on my side” part of the title above may not quite be so. I’m torn about how to feel about this recent story making the rounds:

Book says Bush just using Christians

Tempting Faith’ author David Kuo worked for Bush from 2001 to 2003

By Jonathan Larsen – “Countdown” producer


Updated: 10:43 a.m. PT Oct 13, 2006

More than five years after President Bush created the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, the former second-in-command of that office is going public with an insider’s tell-all account that portrays an office used almost exclusively to win political points with both evangelical Christians and traditionally Democratic minorities.

On the one hand, it’s good to see that Bush & Rove really didn’t buy into all of the insanity of the various Christian fundamentalist groups, and really seemed instead to have duped them. On the other hand, one could call Bush & Rove’s strategies here slimy. But at the end of the day, the only people who seemed to have had their heads in the ground during the past 6 years, have believed everything they were told by the President, and have helped put our country in its current state of moral chaos, are indeed these fundamentalist groups. If simply by the number of crooks and delinquents they voted into office on the administration’s say so. Heck, from the first set of debates that Bush participated in when running for President, it was obvious he was not a credible individual and lacked integrity, you could see this on TV and could hear it in his tone of voice and observe it in his general demeanor. The guy couldn’t even name world leaders in some of the most important trouble spots even considering his dad had previosuly been President. Yikes! But it’s this same arrogance that I have found in many Red Staters as it relates to their beliefs in general. Well, here it came to bite them all in the butt.

The fallout from all of this should be interesting. They’ve always positioned this as a liberal versus conservative issue, and here it turns out that it’s a guy at the top of the conservative food chain that’s blowing the whistle. This, while most people who aren’t radically conservative or radically religious have seen this for what it was for quite some time, a scam being perpetrated by an administration run amok and out of control, with no checks and balances and a collusive Congress adhering to their every law breaking demand. I’d say that any Congress person running for office who cannot show a record for voting solidly against the White House’s policies over the past 6 years should not even bother to run for President in the 2008 races. Save us all the aggravation of voting them down.

Tempting Faith is one conservative book that I’m definitely buying and reading :-)

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2 Responses to ““God & Bush are on *my* side””

  1. Another News Producer said

    I love the first comment… “they can’t say its the liberal media” and then the lock-stepped criticism WITH the liberal media!
    Kuo has written a thoughtful and provocative book.
    Larsen’s rant is a typicaly simplistic look at Christianity (we’re not all fundamentalists) and the nuances of its politically active contingents. Looks like another news producer who wants to get some attention in front of the camera venting steam on a blog.

  2. p-air said

    The concern is that the current Christian trend to vote and support the president seems rooted in religious causes, beliefs or espoused morality, rather than in true self interest around social, economic and public policy causes. How is preventing abortions or gay marriages in the self interest (or even community interest) of those who oppose this? The fact is that it’s not, and it’s that irrationality that makes all of this so frustrating. Hence, voting for Bush because he opposes gay marriage or abortion, while he supports the travesties of the war (not to mention the lies he told to get us in there) and the oil cartels, and his rampage to destroy the very Constitution that is the foundation of our country, not to mention his quite unChristian acts, forces a critical eye to be shown on what it means to be Christian in this country. This is not the first book that exposes the current administration’s acts as not being very Christian, but it does appear to be the first by an insider, so I think we should be thankful for that perspective.

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