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The VeeP is evil, no matter what he says

Posted by direwolff on October 27, 2006

Well, it didn’t take long after Bush signed into law his ability to decide what is torture and what’s not, for us to find out what that would mean. Apparently, Dick Cheney (somehow that surname gets more and more appropriate every day) thinks that waterboarding is OK. While some people may want to argue that the jury is still out on whether that’s really torture or not, it sure seems like the Army feels differently about the matter:

The U.S. Army revised its field manual last month to ban waterboarding and other techniques as “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” outlawed by the Geneva accords. Military officials said experience had shown that abusive techniques do not work in yielding reliable intelligence from prisoners.

But heck, Bush and Cheney are war veterans, right? Well, I can’t believe I’m going to resort to linking to a Lyndon Larouche piece to make this point but here it is. Oops, guess I was wrong, they’re not war veterans. I’m not sure what’s more insane, that this administration talks the tough talk or that conservative groups, who have already been admittedly duped by these guys, actually support this kind of talk in the midst of their own kids going off to war to suffer the indignities that these guys are putting them through. Now I see why I’m not going to the movies quite as much, as there’s no movie that can conjure up the kind of fiction to compete with the reality we’re all having to endure under this current government. I mean when some lowly representative (who has also never been to war) can stand at a podium and accuse a decorated Marine war hero of being a coward what more can you say (“You go Ohio, and way to vote in the right-wingnuts. Is this what you really support?”). Fortunately, in this latter case, it may end with Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) getting kicked out of office as it should be, but until that happens…

*** UPDATE – 10/27/06 later in the day: Looks like Cheney statements which appear in the transcript of his interview on a White House web site have created quite the stir. So much so, that even Lynne is getting in on the action…of course, begging the question is the best they can do because the transcript is out there and he did say it over the radio waves. Will someone tell Lynne that it’s just a little waterboarding, no biggie for an old war horse like Dick.  It’s really interesting to see how they try to deny this one.

Cheney did not back simulated drowning: White House

By Steve Holland

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The wife of Vice President Dick Cheney leaped to his defense on Friday after he was accused of endorsing simulated drowning by saying a “dunk in water” for terrorism suspects might be useful.

“This is complete distortion. He didn’t say anything of the kind,” Lynne Cheney told CNN’s “The Situation Room” when asked if Cheney was endorsing “water boarding,” an interrogation technique some human rights advocates consider torture.

And will someone award Senator Byron Dorgan (D) from North Dakota the boobie-head prize for master of the obvious comment of the year, it’s like he’s the last one to find out about this…

But North Dakota Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan said Cheney’s remarks showed that the legislation that was eventually approved was too vague.

“I think Vice President Cheney’s remarks make it clear that what was passed by Congress is sufficiently nonspecific to allow the administration to interpret it however they wish,” he told reporters.

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