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More entrepreneurial transparency

Posted by direwolff on October 30, 2006

Brad Feld, a VC with Mobius Venture Capital, has a great blog worth watching by any serious entrepreneur as he provides excellent insights a la Union Square Ventures, though his tend to focus on some of the more technical issues around financings. If you have time and are thinking about a starting a new company, it’s worth going through Brad’s archives to look for his posts on breaking down the various subtleties of a term sheet and so on. Brad has also been an entrepreneur so he’s always very thoughtful in his posts to provide the entrepreneur perspective in the matters he discusses. Having spent time with Brad in the past (he also hired a dear friend of mine to work with him), I’d say he’s a darn smart VC and has doen very well for both himself and his investors over the years.

In catching up with his blog today, I found a link to Scott Converse’s blog, an entrepreneur funded by Brad who blogged about being a 40-something entrepreneur. Definitely worth reviewing as it will make you smile or cry depending on what perspective you bring to this post. For my $0.02 on the matter, I have several close friends who are 40-somethings running successful start-ups but have done so with a greater sense of balance. There are plenty of firestorms that keep them from joining in family activities, but they also know when not to make a firestorm out of something and focus on family. I used to shake my head when thinking of the challenges that at least two of them were embarking on, especially after just having a child, but to-date they’ve shown no signs of having their priorities mixed up. A caveat here is probably that they had all been entrepreneurs before so they knew what to expect, but it’s impressive to see how they have pulled it off so far. While I agree with 90% of Scott’s points in his post, I’d say that it’s probably easier to do a start-up at any age if you’re not encumbered by family or other work responsibilities.

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