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Who does God love more, Dems or Reps?

Posted by direwolff on October 31, 2006

Boy, do I need to get a life or what? How do I keep running into these bizaro stories. Well, Republican or Democrat, if you live in a Red State, chances are religion is as much of a part of your life as it is for the good people of the Middle East, Iraq and Iran. In other words, you’re probably blind to the concept of separation of Church and State, or taken from the other perspective, you believe that those who adhere to this separation (those damn Constitutionalists) are blind to the ways of mankind. Well, given this Red State of affairs, it’s no wonder that the political debate going on in those cities and states are more about who loves God more, rather than the more mundane political mud slinging. Perhaps we can call this a step up from the personal attacks that are starting to make their way on to our airwaves nationally. Yes, the fight to replace Senator Frist in Tennessee should be a doozy.

I wonder if taken from yet another perspective, could any one claim that they know who God loves more?  Considering that by religious order, one is not supposed to use God’s name in vain, it’s amazing how much this rule is also ignored (generally by the most religious people).  I’d say that God’s probably as frustrated with his name being summoned so baselessly and expediently, as Google is with the use of the verb “to Google” frequently seen as “Googling”.  I once wrote that Google wants to compete with God, guess they may indeed have a lot in common.

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