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A day in the life of a kitesurfing surfer, the best of all worlds

Posted by direwolff on November 9, 2006

With the kitesurfing season coming to an end here in the Bay Area, we’re all just slowly coming to terms with our situation. As a result of a storm that came in a couple of days ago, we’ve had two days that were an excellent reminder of why we love kitesurfing so much as well as a time to say our goodbyes to the 2006 season on a high note. Today we were simply teased with winds just short of what was needed to make it an encore.

However, I just received an e-mail from my good friend Gabe which was totally worth sharing along with the picture he included. It just totally summarizes what all of this water love is all about. In this e-mail he’s referencing areas around Santa Cruz and “9m” and “16m” are references to the size of the kite he was flying. A 9m kite implies that it was very windy, 16m is more of a barely windy enough to ride. The beauty of his day is that he got to both kitesurf and surf all in one day. It’s soooo great to live in Northern California.

Here’s Gabe’s e-mail:

Yesterday was sweet at Scotts. I kited with one other person from 9:00 until noon. That was the perfect session…perfect 9m and perfect tide for some pumpin swell. I took a long break to refuel and shot a little footage of Kafka and a few others as the after-work (or something) crowd started to fill in the line-up. I grabbed one more quick terribly overpowered session and then cut out for Santa Cruz.

I surfed the Lane with Tai and Nicole until dark and then had Surf and Turf with the Kafka’s and Katie. We camped at New Brighton State Beach. I woke up and peared out my tent this morning to this view (attached photo).

I made my way up the coast lazily this morning taking photos and shooting video on one of those few NorCal days that is so crystal clear on the coast and whitecapped the whole way up.

The swell faded quite a bit today and I wanted a bit more juice so I went searching for a beach break this afternoon. OB delivered a late 16m session for a few faithful and I finally got to try out the new Mundy…love it! Did a sunset downwinder to Sloat…good times, it’s not over yet.


The “it’s not over yet” reference is probably more wishful thinking than reality, but heck, we’re all still in denial for another few days or weeks. It’ll probably take that first snowboarding day to get my mind switched to winter sport mode.

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