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“Live to Die Another Day” showing off some funky kitesurfing

Posted by direwolff on November 26, 2006

Just happened to be channel flicking this evening and about 45 minutes from the end of the movie, there’s this great scene where Bond (Pierce Brosnan in this case) after being chased down in his icemobile by a some sort of heat seeking beam from outer space, ends up on the side of a glacier cliff hanging by the usual icepick and thread. Just as the beam melts the ice away and he’s about to fall into the ocean far below, he somehow manages to get on what looks like some sort of cross between a snowboard and a wakeboard, and pops out a paragliding parachute which could pass for a foil kite, and down he goes. Of course, only to pop up on top of a massive wave and kitesurfing his little booty off. Pretty impressive considering he was holding the lines of the kite/parachute directly with his two hands. His kitesurfing form on the wave was pretty good too.

This is probably no biggie to all of you who have seen this movie, but given that it was my first time catching it, I was pretty awestruck by the fact that kitesurfing made it into a Bond movie. Does that mean our sport has become mainstream already?

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