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“I know snowkiting, and this my friend is no snowkiting!”

Posted by direwolff on December 8, 2006

A dear friend just sent me a link to a YouTube video under the title of snowkiting. Let me be the first to clear up any misconceptions here, this is *NOT* snowkiting, it’s MUCH sicker!!! It’s a group of French guys that went heli-skiing off the top of the Eiger with parasails. You’ve got to see it to believe it. All I want to know is, “where do we sign up?!” Check it out…


Now if this isn’t SENDING IT, I don’t know what is :) Leave it to the French to come up with the next more extreme version of the sport. For those of you not aware of it, kitesurfing was a French invention. Guess they felt it was time to go to the next level.

*** 12/14/06 Update: A friend just sent me another link to this video off GoFish which is unedited and also without the music, so you get a slightly more realistic feel for what it sounds and feels like to be out there.  Here’s the link: 

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4 Responses to ““I know snowkiting, and this my friend is no snowkiting!””

  1. Fun…… looks awesome but those rocks look a bit frightening.

  2. p-air said

    By definition, that’s what makes it EXTREME and worth doing :)

  3. Fred said

    This is SICK!
    Thank you P-air for posting this video!
    For your information, even the rider himself at the end of the video talking about his ride, said…”This was sick!”
    Sometimes, I am proud to be french…:-)

  4. p-air said

    He also says in French “we said we were going to do this, and we did just what we said”. Boy did they ever.

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