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Rep. Charles Rangel on Haiti

Posted by direwolff on December 10, 2006

While there’s hopefully a deeper context here, to see House Representative Charles Rangel (D) making such an incentive comment about Haiti is pretty upsetting given what this little island has been through:

“God should be so good to the people of Haiti that their exports could be a threat to the United States of America. That’s not going to happen,” said Rep. Charles Rangel (D., N.Y.), the incoming chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

He said this in reference to the passage of a trade bill that positively supports Vietnam, Haiti, and several African nations, according to a Wall St. Journal article.

OK, I get it, he didn’t get his way and couldn’t get the votes to filibuster the proposal, but these comments are out of line given what Haiti has been through not just in the past 20 years, but over the course of the last century with both the French and American colonialist attitudes and policies that have put this nation in the position it’s in today. However, the last 20 years with revolutions and natural disasters have really taken its toll on this small island, once a paradise, and to suggest that it’s God’s goodness that has provided them with a favorable trade package is not only absurd, but a downright cruel thing to say. Could it be the lack of God’s goodness that this island so close to our country, living in unheard of poverty in our continent? Besides, there’s obviously some powerful Americans also benefitting from this proposal otherwise it wouldn’t stand a chance against the powerful lobbying efforts of the textile industry. Let’s keep God’s name out of politics for crying out loud.

While I’m happy that the checks and balances of the two party system have been re-established in our system of government, it sure isn’t because of my great love for politicians of either party, that’s for sure. Anyway you slice’em, they’re still creatures of private interests with a mean streak.

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