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The Apple Lisa…brings back memories

Posted by direwolff on December 13, 2006

In October of 1983 a dear friend introduced me to the Vice President of Marketing for what was then one of the early computer store chains named The Computer Factory. They were looking for someone to help run their mail order software and computer liquidation business. At that time, someone who knew how to operate a computer was more than adequately qualified to work here, and so I got the job as Sales Manager of a three person business, me and two shipping clerks. What a great time it was. On my second week on the job I got to go to COMDEX, at the time (and for quite a few years after that) it was largest tradeshow in Las Vegas, taking up most of the available convention halls in all of the hotels. COMDEX was the PC industry’s computer show. But I digress.

The following video is a great piece showing Apple’s Lisa Computer, the predecessor to the Mac. Note that this was not the earliest version of the Lisa, which had come out well before the Mac and used a 5.25″ floppy disk drive, and had plenty of problems with it. The one shown in this video was the subsequent model which not long after this video was renamed the Mac XL (XL for “ex-Lisa”) with the 3.5″ disk drive, and had several other improvements made to it. Of course, who could ever forget the Apple Profile 5Mb external hard disk drive. We used to spend hours at the store playing with this new machine, which is why I frequently laugh when people say I’m not a Mac guy…heck I was a Mac guy before it was called a Mac…and will always have a special place in my heart for the Mac :)

Alfred’s description of the times, and how blown away every one was by all of this is dead on. And now for the video (Alfred’s intro sets the stage for this 1984 classic)…

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