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Tagged, I’m it!…Five things people don’t know about me

Posted by direwolff on December 20, 2006

Thought I was enough under the radar to avoid being tagged, but that was too much to hope for so I guess I gotta go with it. So here are the five things people don’t know about me:

5) I eat pizza and hamburgers with a fork and knife.

4) Like Kevin Burton, though when I was much younger at the time, I almost joined a monastery to seek enlightenment. Bailed when I thought it through and didn’t want to do without the sex.

3) At 14 I was an alterboy at two different churches at the same time for about a year and never got molested. That explains a lot.

2) Never got my undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University, though I now hold an MBA from Theseus Institute.

1) I speak Haitian Creole fluently, in addition to English, French and Spanish.

Time to tag five folks. So here are my five tags: Seth Goldstein, Marc Canter, Mark Pincus, Chris Nolan, and Michael Parekh. Let’er roll.

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