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And You Wonder Why It’s Difficult to Trust Our Government

Posted by direwolff on December 21, 2006

From the files of truth being stranger than fiction, and the paranoid delusions of our government, comes the amazing truth that the secret files kept by our government on John Lennon over the past 30 years had not one iota of information that could qualify as confidential in this or any other century. Well, unless what our government was hiding was their ridiculous incompetence in making a case for why Lennon should have a file to begin with or worse, why they spent so much energy fighting its release for so long.

Andrew Gumbel of the Independent Online has an expose titled, The Lennon Files: The FBI and the Beatle. My favorite excerpt from the piece is…

The fight for Lennon’s FBI file is one of those stories that tells us much less, in the end, about the subject himself than it does about the bumbling, bureaucratic, loopily paranoid universe of intelligence operatives and official secrecy. The fact that Lennon was under surveillance at all was already scandalous – neither the FBI nor MI5 established any instance of either criminal behaviour or intent, nor did they have more than the most measly of grounds to suspect it.

But don’t worry, that was then this is now, and when George W. says that he hasn’t spying on our country’s citizens, he means it, not like the other guys ;)

It’s such findings that requires us as a people to be less trusting and more vigilent of the decisions and laws being passed by our government that affect us all. Over the past 6 yrs, a large percentage of the people in our country abdicated the use of their critical minds, as we can see by events like this one, this just can’t be allowed to continue to happen. Even with the new greater balance between the executive and legislative branches of government it’s obvious that it’s not always enough to bring sanity to the process. If you consider how long these files were kept a secret, that also means that both parties were in office and at one point or another both parties dominated the executive and/or the legislative branches, and both parties contributed to keeping this information a secret for so long. Lesson learned, don’t trust your government. I know, I know, you knew that already.

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