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Revere Data on CNBC

Posted by direwolff on December 21, 2006

How cool is that, my dear friend named Kevin O’Brien is the CEO of Revere Data LLC, was interviewed on CNBC today to discuss the announcement of a new index that will begin trading on the International Securities Exchange (ISE) called the Revere Wal-Mart Supplier Index. This index represents a list of companies that derive a significant percentage of their income from Wal-Mart. Because Revere Data has mapped all U.S. publicly traded companies into a very robust and detailed industrial classification system (down to a company’s products and services), the Revere Hierarchy, and also track each of these companies’ stated competitors, suppliers, customers and strategic partners (known as Revere Relationships), they make it very easy for financial analysts, traders and hedge fund managers, to quickly isolate a basket of companies that fits well with their refined selection criteria and trading strategies. It is with this in mind, that the ISE tapped Revere Data’s expertise to help create this new Exchange Traded Index. This is actually the second index that they have created with Revere Data, the first was the Revere Natural Gas Index.

Check it out the interview here

Revere Data has also rolled out to applications, Revere Research and Revere Real-Time, which are made very powerful by the incorporation of this unique and valuable data. The company has been around refining its offering over the past 7 years, and now the market is catching up to what the Revere crew has known all along, that mapping value-chains and companies’ ecosystems, can provide a lot of value to investors. Part of my excitement in this company is that by virtue of my angel investment in Kevin’s previous company, Gradience, which was acquired by Revere Data, I’m a small angel investor in Revere Data. So it’s good to see their increased visibility and to hear about some of the big wins they have been experiencing in the marketplace.

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