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Jet-man!!! How cool is this?!

Posted by direwolff on December 30, 2006

Just happened to catch a slide show on the Reuters site that included these pictures of Jet-man, Yves Rossy:

You gotta check out this video (updated with video below) to really appreciate how truly inspiring this is. Totally ROCKS!!! These francophiles just don’t know when to quit. First it was kitesurfing, then it was speed-riding (parasailing on skis), and now we have Jet-man, all invented and brought to us by the French and the Swiss-French. Now where can I get me one of them Jet-man wing packs?! :)





One Response to “Jet-man!!! How cool is this?!”

  1. Frenchsuck said

    the socialist french are cool for inventing death difying shit but they got other issues

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