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“Stench in NYC traced to NJ, officials say” — Home News Tribune

Posted by direwolff on January 9, 2007

I just about fell out of my chair laughing this morning when I read this headline off my Google News page. While this may be mildly humorous to most (if at all), having grown-up in Manhattan, we always tended to have a low opinion of New Jersey. Mind you, with little justification as I’ve grown to appreciate many of New Jersey’s splendor. But because of the chemical plants that sit right on the other side of the tunnels and bridges (yes, New Jersey is considered “Bridge & Tunnel” ;) from New York, and those near the Philadelphia/Delaware border again on the New Jersey side, there’s always been a stench that I’ve associated with New Jersey. So you can imagine that seeing such a headline begs the question, “what took them so long to figure this one out?…heck, I’ve know about that since I was 16”, which was the first time I’d ever laid foot in New Jersey though I had already travelled to Europe, the Caribbean, Connecticut & Maine.

While attending college in Pittsburgh and driving home to New York on holidays, I was guaranteed a whif of these unpleasant odors right past Newark before crossing over to the city. I recall several trips with friends where we all looked at each other to see if any one was going to claim the fart. Well, looks like my senses have been vindicated and now it’s made the headlines.

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One Response to ““Stench in NYC traced to NJ, officials say” — Home News Tribune”

  1. Chris Kerlin said

    There was a lot of coverage of the stench. Not much of any determination of the origin.

    Now I can imagine the correct ‘atmosphere’ while watching the Sopranos opening credits.

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