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We have a new Winner in the Insanity Department

Posted by direwolff on January 30, 2007

Well, first I put up the video on Big Summit Speed Riding which I thought was pretty sick. Then I ran into Jet-man, which frankly, just took my breath away. I showed an interlude of snowkiting, which is the only one of these adrenalin sports that I’m willing to undertake at this stage of my life. Well, hold the presses, these all (even Jet-man I fear) can only be considered sissy sports when matched to the top of the food chain of sick, insane, and all around balls-to-the-wall sport of “human gliding” (best name I can come up with as you’ll see).

Click here if video no longer accessible from YouTube.


I don’t even know how someone gets their head around trying to figure out that this is possible, much less trying it. Note that I don’t see much room for failure. Do you?


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