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Microsoft Heading In the Opposite Direction of Apple…Again

Posted by direwolff on February 12, 2007

I hope for Microsoft’s sake, that they’re kicking themselves over the decision to build in Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology into their new operating system, Vista. Given the lead time that it probably took to have this ready in time for the release of Vista, I’m guessing this decision to support DRM was taken well before the recent tide swinging so heavily against the entertainment industry’s DRM enforcement efforts started gaining momentum. Imagine that, here Microsoft thought they were coming in on the side of law and order, and just like you’ve got Steve Jobs who started this whole DRM fiasco coming out saying that it should be removed and done away with. Boy, talk about egg on Microsoft’s face. Playing catch up is never fun to do, and it feels like they’re having to do this in every industry they’re trying to participate in, online services, search, media players, and who knows what else.

Of course, I’m giving Microsoft the benefit of the doubt that this was just an error in judgment as opposed to anything more nefarious, but if Fred Wilson can take bets on the fact that DRM will go away, you would have thought that Microsoft could have seen this coming too. It’s not like EMI’s deliberations are a complete shocker. Microsoft was once regarded as having some of the smartest people around, certainly this decision really brings into question whether any smart strategy people really still work there…hmmm…

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  1. techwoo said

    Microsoft Heading In the Opposite Direction of Apple…Again .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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