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An Interesting Difference Between the U.K. and the U.S.

Posted by direwolff on February 22, 2007

Even if this story is just for show, and Prince Harry doesn’t see a lick of real action, at least he’s going there:

Britain’s Prince Harry going to Iraq: Defence Ministry

Canadian Press
Published: Thursday, February 22, 2007
LONDON – Prince Harry will be sent to Iraq, Britain’s Ministry of Defence said Thursday.
He will join his regiment, the Blues and Royals, in Iraq as part of a long-planned rotation of troops.

There’s something to be said for compulsory military service.  It evens out the playing field for the populace, promotes duty to country, and perhaps in the case of our country, forces politicians to pause and think twice about going to war knowing their own kids could come in arms way.  And this time, unlike the Vietnam era draft where the likes of Cheney and “W.” were able to basically dodge service, I’d tighten up the rules so maybe medical issues could get deferrals, but that’s about it.  I’d respect the idea of concienscious objectors, but would enact forfeiture of their ability to run for public office in the future.

I’d say nothing brings respect for one’s country, when even the most elite members of that society are called upon to duty and do so without trying to skirt the obligation.  Perhaps there’s some learning that our country could do from the Brits.


2 Responses to “An Interesting Difference Between the U.K. and the U.S.”

  1. Tim Atherton said

    It’s good to see a fellow kitesurfer, but you’re completely wrong. Britain does not have compulsory military service! It is simply customary for members of the Royal Family to join the forces, especially if they are rather stupid like Harry.

  2. p-air said

    Thanks for the correction, very much appreciated. Perhaps the lesson is deeper and suggests that don’t ask of your people’s children what you would not ask of your own. Still a great precedent to instill trust in one’s leaders.

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