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Theseus Alum Makes Good

Posted by direwolff on March 6, 2007

Ziv Navoth was a Theseus Institute graduate student a year or two after my class of ’93/’94. He was a bright guy that I got to know virtually through his various endeavors from working in NYC with Prof. Mel Hortwitch, who had been an advisor to both of us in our respective years, to watching him grow his innovation focused management consulting firm, Verve!. Verve actually sends out a regular newsletter which is really interesting with excellent insights into innovation. With this focus it’s a good thing that Ziv attended Theseus, as the MBA back in our day, specialized in Innovation, Strategy and Information Technology. Theseus has since merged with EDHEC in Nice, France and continues as part of their executive MBA programme.

A few months ago, it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen a Verve newsletter in quite some time, but figured Ziv had moved on to other things. Well, the answer there is both yes and no. Yes he had been pre-occupied with some other things, and no he had not moved on, just was focusing on a very exciting project which has just come to fruition. Ziv created a book titled Nanotales which provides a compilation of the “lives and tribulations of 146 people”. Ziv’s new movement here and his coining of the term “nanotales” seems to be gaining momentum with even the community site Bebo facilitating nano-authors’ involvement. While I’m disappointed to see the newsletter get put on hold, it’s great to see Ziv really inspiring a whole new generation of people with this innovative new concept in publishing. Should be interesting to keep up with this new chapter in his life :)

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