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Open Data 2007 Summaries, Pictures and Discussion

Posted by direwolff on March 15, 2007

The Open Data 2007 Conference really brought out some worthwhile issues that will need to keep getting discussed and debated as these are fundamental to the continued development of the Web’s underpinings as well as the business models being developed by many early stage and existing companies in the space. These issues also need to get resolved in some fashion soon before the swell of public opinion from the uninitiated forces policy makers and politicians to impose more naive rules and regulations that suppress important developments in favor of keeping the status quo of onerous laws that only serve to support the interests of existing business stake holders.

For those interested in comments, discussions, and pictures that came out from the conference, go check out the Open Data 2007 Conference Wiki. This event was graciously hostedby Reuters in participation with the AttentionTrust, two organizations struggling through these issues today. Both Gerry Campbell from Reuters and Seth Goldstein from the AttentionTrust put together a wonderful event laying out great topics for discussion and setting out an agenda that was both intellectually stimulating and well in line with the issues we need to contend with immediately.

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