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A Travesty of Justice by Any Other Name is Still a Travesty

Posted by direwolff on March 26, 2007

It’s crazy to see the headlines of the L.A.Times announcing the symbolic victory of the Bush Administration’s war on terror, with guilty plea of Australian David Hicks, a prisoner at Guantanamo. Never mind the torture that has been well reported by now or the five years of incarceration without being formally charged (oh, sorry they call it “military detention”, kinda like “school detention” except no homework). Here are a couple of precious tidbits to simply embarrass every American who proclaims the “justice” in our justice system:

The commission’s presiding officer, Marine Col. Ralph H. Kohlmann, is expected to hear the details of what Hicks has admitted to Tuesday afternoon, and the full 10-member military commission could gather here by the end of the week to determine a sentence said Maj. Beth Kubala, spokeswoman for the military commissions, as the tribunals are formally known.

While she proclaimed herself a neutral party in the Pentagon’s newly reconstituted war-crimes process, Kubala said Monday’s proceedings demonstrated that “this is a process that is transparent, legitimate and moving forward.”

No more than two paragraphs pass in this article when you get to:

Hicks changed his mind about entering a plea after more than four hours of pre-trial procedures in which his primary defense attorney, Marine Maj. Michael Mori, failed to persuade Kohlmann that he needed more time to prepare.

Mori was left alone at the defense table with the defendant when civilian criminal defense lawyer Joshua Dratel was barred from participating because he refused to promise to adhere to procedural rules that have yet to be defined.

“I can’t sign a document that provides a blank check on my ethical obligations,” Dratel told Kohlmann, saying his obligation was to his client, not to the military process. “You can’t make it an all-or-nothing proposition.”

At a way to make things fair, by asking the defense to adhere to procedural rules that not yet been defined. Nice. I’m sure there’s a National Security angle on why they can’t state these rules in this…how did Major Kubala put it?…“this is a process that is transparent, legitimate and moving forward.”

Cut me a break. All of the Administration’s efforts in torturing prisoners, violating their Geneva Conventions, and spilling lies to the public is yielding a lack of trust in these proceedings and in how the rest of the world sees our every action here. On the bright side…

Hicks’ initial appearance stunned his family and court spectators, as he was scruffy, wore his hair halfway down his back and had gained at least 30 pounds since he was last seen at a Guantanamo proceeding in November 2004.

…it does appear that McDonald’s has opened a franchise at Guantanamo ;) All I can say is that all of this is a damn shame and an embarrassment to every one in this country :(

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One Response to “A Travesty of Justice by Any Other Name is Still a Travesty”

  1. This whole situation is beyond messed up and just plain treason by these officials. Imagine a US politician claiming that someone doesn’t have habeas corpus?

    If you want a government without civil liberties or due process just move to China. Problem solved.

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