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A Pre-Passover Dinner to Remember

Posted by direwolff on March 27, 2007

Lil’ Pinot and I just got home from a wild & wacky evening with new and old friends on what set out to be a Passover seder, complete with us bringing salad for 20 people, that instead turned into a visit to the local Hickiry Pit in Walnut Creek the local diner with the truly Americana flair. You see our dear friend had decided to cancel the seder but forgot to tell us in between his altered simultaneous dealings with family and business crises.

The Hickiry Pit was great. The most recommended item on the menu, the “RIBS”. I went with the tri-tip, Lil’ Pinot with a turkey & cheeeez omelet. This place was a total throw-back to some spots I used to worship back in my college days in da ‘Burgh (Pittsburgh, PA for the uninitiated). Fries, baked potatoes or hash browns as a side with any meal. Even got special pricing for two entrees or even steeper discount on three. Gotta love it. Well, after an evening of serendipity the restaurant’s ever-so-friendly staff provided the full gamut of entertainment, first by dousing the arm of my white shirt with a healthy amount of gravy (yeah, the waitress than escorted me to a tap where she proceeded to soak my entire sleeve in cold water with my arm still in it), to then arguing with our vegetarian friend that the piece of turkey from his veggie omelet that we all saw and another one of us tasted, was not turkey after all but a piece of mushroom…NOT! This, with another non-resemblant piece of mushroom on the side of the plate for comparison purposes.

(post soaking)

Our friend also amazed us with his encyclopedic recollections of historical events relevant to Trieste, not to mention other trivia, leading me to call him the human Wikipedia. After one of the guys at the table, from Trieste mind you, corrected our buddy on the reference to laws being passed for Jews to be able to own land, we realized he was even more than the human wiki than we had originally expected but now some one was going in and updating our human wiki :) Needless to say, a fun time was had by all, and this will definitely qualify as one of the most bizarre and unforgetable Passovers I have ever spent. I’d venture to say that it will likely retain that title for a long time.

Not to give any secrets away, but there’s a soon to be released and deployed social networking platform that’s gonna kick some ass. Sorry, but I gotta keep it a secret until after a certain conference who’s title as something in common with “small economics”…but that’s all I can say :)

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