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Great Summary of Bay Area Kitesurfing

Posted by direwolff on March 29, 2007

Was just forwarded the link to a nice article from the Marin Independent Journal that provides a good overview to the kitesurfing activities in the Bay Area with a focus on the contributions being made by the St. Francis Yacht Club. It’s titled St. Francis Club embraces kitesurfing. Several of the locals I ride with at Crissy Field are featured in the article, most noteworthy of them being John Gomes whom was among the racers in the picture of that I included after the World’s First Upwind Kitesurfing Race post. Johnny is fourth from the right in the back row next to me, and was the one responsible for creating this event that is with us to this day. Every other Thursday afternoon for a few months starting in April, you can see one of the kitesurfing races off of Crissy Field right in front of the St. Francis Yacht Club. It’s always entertaining, but especially so on days when the wind isn’t cooperating.

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