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Erin Loscocco Photography & Kitesurfing

Posted by direwolff on April 4, 2007

While kitesurfing yesterday later afternoon out on Crissy, I noticed some guy taking photos of us having a blast out there. Well, it turned out that it was another kiteboarder, Erin Loscocco, himself a kitesurfing addict. When I got out of the water he mentioned having gotten some shots of me and suggested I check them on his site. Well, another buddy just happen to beat me to the punch and sent me a link to the pictures which sure prove that I’m enjoying riding my new surfboard…

Erin managed to get a couple of action shots of me and some of the other local riders just enjoying the ride. With the winds gusting fairly strongly on the inside, it wasn’t a day to get too crazy, but for surf riding the swells were really sweet and I got a nice workout on my new ride.

In checking out Erin’s site though, he’s got some really cool pics. For an amateur photographer, it sure looks like he could go pro if he wanted. If you want to see some real nice scenic shots, check out his Photos page which shows the diversity of his work. Really impressive stuff. You can tell he has a real passion for photography as he captures some great moods and colors in every shot. Anyway, it’s definitely worth your time checking out his site.

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One Response to “Erin Loscocco Photography & Kitesurfing”

  1. Erin said

    I am glad you liked the pics. I want to get out and take more sometime. Working myself on going prokiteboarder and prophotographer :)
    See yah out there again!!
    Thanks for the links

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