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Bloomberg Reports on Kitesurfing

Posted by direwolff on April 12, 2007

Last Friday a Bloomberg reporter, Ed Robinson, was out in the Bay Area doing a feature on kitesurfing with Charles River Ventures’ VC and long time kiteboarder, Bill Tai. The article came out today and in addition to Bill, also features dear friends, Steve Gibson (see and Johnny Gomes (who was responsible for rescuing Bill after a kitemare last year under the Golden Gate Bridge). Not sure why there weren’t any pictures, but hopefully a physical copy of the Bloomberg Magazine will have some of these since there was a photographer out there snapping some shots.

Even by Crissy standards, Friday was kind of a crazy day with big wind gusts on shore and a bit lighter conditions towards the middle of the Bay. Having said that, we still made it work and ended up spending about an hour and a half riding, with probably half the time chasing the wakes from the tour boats that were cruising around. With a surfboard, chasing a ferry’s wake is like riding a perpetual wave…sweet!!! Anyway, there was a big crew represented and a good time was had by all.

Ed did a nice job in capturing the spirit of what’s happening out here with the sport and the addictive mentality of those involved. Bill is certainly representative of that. As well, because of the community that is out here, and in many cases their involvement in the tech industry and start-ups, you can imagine that casual conversation after a great sesh might drift towards work matters. In the case of start-ups it could be about fundraising or doing deals with other early stage companies. I’ve had the pleasure to interact with other entrepreneurs on deal issues as well as meet with VCs like Bill on funding issues, so I can certainly attest to the fact that it’s all happening. Noteworthy however, is that the discussions on the beach generally are just a set-up for a more formal discussion, because we’re all generally too goo-goo eyed from our session to want to do anything but rave about the winds, the swells and the BIG AIR.

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