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Wacky Weekend at Crissy Field – 4/15/07

Posted by direwolff on April 15, 2007

Strange weekend with very northerly north-westerlies at Crissy both Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday, it meant crazy gusty and windy conditions but powered the whole session. Today, a bit of a different story. Even with the Northern California coast going off with gusts in areas like Pigeon Pt., down by Gauzos Beach, gusting to 40 mph, and Ocean Beach flirting with 30 mph winds, somehow this was not making it through the Golden Gate gap to Crissy. Well, actually it did for a little while starting at around 2:45pm when some 7 of us jumped out just as it appeared to be coming up. Here’s me riding fully powered, by one of the race monitors for the sail boat race you can see in the background…

(Picture taken by John Gomes, race committee)

But alas, it only last about 30 minutes, long enough for us to reach the Golden Gate Bridge before the wind started to drop. We started making our way back to the beach but it was just an exercise in shear pain trying to keep the kites aloft. I dropped mine in the water on 3 separate occasions but was fortunate enough in each case to get yet another gust just strong enough to help relaunch. Made it back to the beach without the Coast Guard’s assistance which is always a bonus. Waited around to see if things would come back up, but it was not to be today, so I packed it up knowing that any day you can take off and come back to the beach you launched from…is a good day :)

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