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The Kitesurfing Men From The Kitesurfing Boys

Posted by direwolff on April 19, 2007

While I generally consider myself a pretty proficient kitesurfer, seeing pictures of one of my dear friends, Bob Smith, riding at Scotts Creek yesterday in winds gusting to 34+ mph with close to double-overhead swell, made me realize that there’s plenty for me to learn yet.

The past couple of days in the SF Bay Area, we have been experiencing gusting winds easily hitting the mid-30s accompanied by chilly temperatures. I was out at Crissy Field two days ago and can’t remember the last time my extremities got so cold, even on days I’ve gotten in December and January. Pretty crazy. Well, having insane winds like that are one thing, but when you combine that with serious swell and double-overhead waves you’re into a whole new place. Well, yesterday, Bob and a couple of friends went down south near Santa Cruz and Waddell Creek, to Scotts Creek and did their thing. They got some great shots of Bob (see Update below, as it was Bob taking the pics, not riding) that I thought were worth sharing to provide the curious an opportunity to see what this sport can be all about.



Not sure what seems crazier, the size and the amount of wind around those swells…or Bob for riding them :) Can’t wait until I get dialed in on my new Prisoner of Wind surfboard so I can join Bob hitting these beauties.

(UPDATE: A little mix up on my part, while Bob was out there riding as well, these pics are of others he was watching and snapping shots of. In other words, he was the photographer, not the rider. As I mentioned to him, having seen him ride the waves equally masterfully on many occasions, it was easy to make this mistake.)

(UPDATE 2: Gabe also got some excellent shots of the crew out there on 4/17/07 which you can check out at

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