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OK What’s Up With

Posted by direwolff on May 8, 2007

After not having posted anything new to my blog for a couple of weeks, in putting up the last post and saving it, I suddenly realized that none of the WordPress widgets I had placed on the margins were there any more. No pics, no Flickr, no text, nothing, just the default margin items. Not sure why this has happened, but considering I haven’t received any e-mail about it it’s pretty disconcerting that I now have more to worry about here than on Blogger where I used to have my blog.

I’ve sent in an e-mail to support and hope to find out why this has happened, but it really sucks…at least that’s my off-the-cuff reaction to seeing this. Hopefully this will get worked out, but in the mean time, grrrrrrrrr!!!

Update: Decided to just build everything back up, and it appears that the data in the widgets remained though they had all been removed from my template…weird.

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