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Two wonderful mentions of Healia within a week

Posted by direwolff on May 8, 2007

How cool is that? Healia continues as the little healthcare search engine that could. While I’ve recently discussed how they are a good example of role-based search, it appears that I’m not the only one who sees this as they received a major endorsement in winning the Outstanding Achievement Award for Health Search Web Site from the Interactive Media Awards. CEO and founder Tom Eng has worked tirelessly to get Healia to the next level and it’s so great to see his efforts rewarded this way. I’m still surprised that Microsoft acquired Medstory when Healia was right in their back yard in Seattle with a superior service and user experience.

Healia was also mentioned in Read/Write Web blog post titled, Top 17 Search Innovations Outside of Google. Healia appears under innovation #14, “Results refinement and Filters”. Healia could have actually qualified for mentions in several of the other categories as well, but just the fact that they were considered in one of these speaks loads to what Tom and his team have accomplished to date.

Under full disclosure, I’m on the company’s advisory board, and have had the unique opportunity to see as they’ve improved their service over the past year. Very exciting. They’re also beginning to win contracts over other search service providers, so we know they’re heading in the right direction. It’s a challenging space, but the Healia team has shown the perserverance necessary to succeed. I’m looking forward to continuing to watch them get discovered by more and more people.

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